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Taken from the pages of Patrick Roth fuss's bestselling series the king killer Chronicle and made reality by renowned designer James Ernest. take is a beautiful two-player abstract strategy game boasting an elegant new design that feels like a familiar classic. The goal is simple: make a road connecting two opposite sides of the board. On their turn. players may place a stone in an empty space. move a stone to an adjacent square. or spread stacks of pieces along the board. Whether players win or lose. take offers a beautiful and elegant experience to players both familiar and unfamiliar with the king killer Chronicle.
For 2 players. ages 12 & up. Plays in 15-20 minutes
Unique wooden components and beautifully designed board give take an elegant look to complement its design
From the pages of the wildly popular king killer chronicle. by best-selling author Patrick Roth fuss
Easy to teach. with a design that accommodates players of any experience level

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